Bronnley used special approach for developing The Body Care for Men collection. It is regarded to men specific needs and lifestyle.
The collection is for men, who like elegant style, smell nice, and their baths have all body care products.
The attractive package design is in harmony with marine image.

All products in the collection contain extract of Samphire (Crithmum Maritinum), known for its natural toning properties on the skin.

Samphire is a perennial, frost hardy and easy to grow. It grows in its native environment from rocks and shingle and on cliffs. Rock Samphire contains essential oil, rich with eugenol as well as other fragrant ingredients, widely used in modern perfumery and medicine.

Fragrance of Body Care for Men collection is cool, stimulating, marine fragrance, blending Bergamot and Lime with Coriander on a base of warm Amber and Cedar.

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