Royal Horticultural Society, during its 200 years has become Britain’s leading garden charity, in the forefront of gardening excellence, education and demonstration. The RHS is famous throughout the world for its stunning exhibitions of every type of plant and flower at shows around the world.
The Royal Horticultural Society and Bronnley have joined forces to create an innovative collection for today’s market place – FLORAL COLLECTION.
All products of the Floral collection have plant extracts, with known therapeutic benefits, which could give you a good reason to pamper yourself.
In the modern packaging is used the floral art, owned by the RHS and three flowers are selected in order to be created three ranges suitable for personal use and gifts.

Passion Flower – the external application of that herb is more unusual compared with its internal application. It has calming effect on the skin – reduces irritations, soothes frostbites, insects bites, wounds. Passion flower oil fortifies, softens and hydrates the skin.

Rose – Except the fact, it is always in fashion in perfumery, a lot could be said for its therapeutical and cosmetic effects. The rose petals have anti-inflammatory effect.

Peony – Peony is a popular, perennial plant. It is valued for its beautiful flowers, colored leafs and interesting decorative pods, full with seeds. The usage of the plant in medicine has a long history – from China to Western Europe.

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