Bronnley has developed the art of perfumery in its own laboratories since 1883, matching changing fashion trends and managing the availability of different raw materials and new technologies.
Radiance and stability are the hallmarks of successful products.

“However fashion change, the point of perfume stays the same. Wearing your favorite fragrance should not only make you smell wonderful, but it should also make you feel wonderful. It should reflect how you feel about yourself, your values and your approach to the world. This is, of course, a very individual preference.”

Miss Ann Rossiter, Chairman, H Bronnley & Co Ltd

There are no hard and fast rules about what different styles of perfume must contain, just guidelines that most companies follow. You cannot guarantee that the precise contents of the fragrance will be listed on the packaging, so it is always worth checking before you buy how long the fragrance that you have tested will last!

The quality of a fragrance can sometimes be determined by the percentage inclusion of essential oils.

These are the original “heady” fragrances and usually have a 15-30% concentration of perfume oils in a solvent, which is often alcohol.

Espri de Parfum:
A slightly lighter style, these usually have a minimum dosage of 15% perfume oils.

Eau de Parfum:
This usually has an 8-15% concentration of essence.

Eau de Toilette:
Most men’s fragrances fall into this category, and they usually have a 4-8% concentration of essence.

This is lightly fragranced water, which originated in Germany, hence the name “eau de cologne”. It usually has a 3-5% concentration of essence.

It is interesting to know, that Bronnley makes the fragrances with a much higher concentration of essential oils than usual. They are developed to ensure that the Bronnley customers receive only the highest quality products where the fragrance will last for good period of time.


What is a Fragrance?

All fragrances are made up from three layers, each comprising different “notes”. The process of combining these tiers is called “Layering” and when carried out skillfully gives the perfume depth and character.

Top Notes
The “top notes” are apparent as soon as the fragrance touches the skin and the alcoholic solution containing the fragrances can be smelt. The “top notes” are usually lighter than the other ingredients and can be floral or fruity. Typical of these top notes are citrus fragrances that float away in moments, giving an immediate impact.

Middle Notes
The “middle notes” make up the core of the perfume and they are often referred to as the heart of the fragrance. The “middle notes” such as Rose, Lavender and Jasmin, create the character of the fragrance although some fruits, such as currants, apples and apricots, prove successful as well.

Base Notes
The “base notes” determine how long a fragrance will last. They also provide a background against which the “middle notes” can be enjoyed. This layer may contain such natural oils as Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla. These help to balance and stabilize the perfume.

The layers of a fragrance emerge and disperse in succession, each leaving a different scent from the time the fragrance was applied, to when it has completely dried.

“We compare the fragrance development as music, where the top notes, middle notes and base notes, combined to give a bouquet, are as a music chord or a part of an orchestra.”

Say the “composers” of Bronnley fragrances.

Bronnley use in its different collections:

  • actual and modern fragrances such as Rose and Citrus
  • traditional, rich fragrances such as Lavender
  • combination of actual and traditional fragrances such as Apricot & Almond


„Fashion will dictate the future of Bronnley’s development of perfumery, not only in the fragrances themselves but also in our toiletries. We shall be constantly monitoring our market positioning to create innovative products to capture the interest of customers. We will continue to provide, as we always have done, products that are of the highest quality and that the general public find pleasurable and comforting.”

Miss Ann Rossiter, Chairman, H Bronnley & Co Ltd

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